Walking in a winter Wallberg


The trekking of this trail began similar to the last, as a spur of the moment mountain. Der Wanderbär, Miss Monacocora and I had our hearts set on a lovely travel to Königssee, alas due to worsening weather conditions we decided to stay closer to home.


The weather was slightly dismal and drizzly with a strong chill blowing from above.


Everywhere along the first thirty minutes was what you would expect from an autumn adventure. The ground was littered with fallen leaves, wet from the showers and slightly slippery on the inclining slopes. Small rivers trickled along the ridges of the rising ground.


The view became lush and alive with the forest greenery


but slowly snow began to softly litter the landscape


until we were completely enclosed in a white wintery wonderland


The snow was a compact carpet beneath our feet


Our foot steps were silenced


and all that could be heard was the whispering of the wind and the soft sound of the snowflakes gently falling


We moved along the route until we hit the clearing on the face of the mountain, we were in a capacious cloud of snow


We traipsed through the frosty tundra, higher and higher up the mountain where the cool wicked wind nipped our noses and stung our cheecks to a bright pink

To be honest, we were actually quite giddy stomping through the snow

Luckily it didn’t last too long


Upon the peak of the mountain lay a small chapel.It signaled to us like a small blockaded beacon


We happily hopped around the top like eager little snow bunnies.

Ever so pleased with ourselves for concurring the first cold excursion of winter.



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