Taco Tues(yay)


Te ()amo (x)quila

My heart is once more at ease. After being so long away, I have finally hit my hometown again and enjoyed an OG taco tuesday at one of my favourite local spots; Fish Gaucho.


the tremendous tequila bible

The amazing Mexican fusion, tequila tycoon of the central coast.

Fish Gaucho opened up a just over two years ago and since then has been killing it in the kitchen game.

and that decor game. I mean, all those mexican imported goods, daayyumm authentic or wut


I went along with two of my favourite people. My darling dearest cousin Seisha and our friend the Marvelous Mario ( our previous Gaucho coworker from when all three of us worked at the Gaucho together back in its opening days)


Therefore since it was a reunion, naturally we got way to much food.

Seisha with a veggie queso fandito and shrimp ceviche whilst mario went to town on a double cut porkchop astor

I absolutely love the Gaucho for its fusion take on traditional tastes. You can order your favouite classic dishes and always enjoy a little extra pizzazz.–The shrimp ceviche was completely new for me, it had charred grapefruit, pickled red onion and chilli peppers,  a  complete  party in your palate

but back to the day play by play

Starting out with the massive and amazing FG salso trio with guac.

pinapple jicama pico, avocado tomatillo and fire roasted tomato salsas

ohhh yeaaa Guuaaaaccaaammmollleeeeeeeee


to accompany some muy delicioso margaritas

Grilled jalepeño and pineapple for the win

however, the main event of my night was those terfficaly superior street tacos

MexiCAN not Mexicant was the ending of the story.


in full honesty, tuesday or any other day of the week, my favourite is definetly the street tacos.

As simple as they are, there is a slight modern affect that makes you feel at home.The taste of carnitas reminds me of my abuelita, but the added synsthesis of pineapple and microgreens gives it a modern flare.


1244 Park St, Paso Robles, CA 93446, USA

Dont just take my word for it, take my advice and next time your in the central coast head on over yourself for a fun fiesta of flavour…and polite door opening owners








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