How to kill it in the Munich expat game

One topic I hear a lot is about Americans not being able to make it abroad. Namely in Munich. Germany in general is a very different cultural climate but Munich is the cream of the crop when it comes to culture shock on us Americans. We all know how reserved Germans are and how this, [...]

Dabbling in Denglisch

So I was planning on writing this great big post about how I ( and anyone who follows my tips) learned to manage conversational German so quickly. I then shortly realized it was utter nonsense because over the past 6 months I have been speaking less German and more Denglisch. Dẹng·lisch Combination of English and [...]

You can Du me; the formal or informal guide

Most European language have a linguistic distinction based on interpersonal relationships. In German this is the case of Sie/Du ( formal and informal). This is the chronic question for many expats learning or having already learned German. As, unfortunately these distinctions have lost their place in modern English. Us expats learning the German language and [...]