Roaming Rotwand

Spring has sprung, and the time for hiking as begun All ryhming aside, I am seriously so happy the weather is becoming more- not yet perfectttt- acceptable for hiking! This past weekend we headed up to Rotwand. A cozy little hike around the Schliersee area. We had the brilliant idea to get up at 4am [...]

Taco Tues(yay)

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY My heart is once more at ease. After being so long away, I have finally hit my hometown again and enjoyed an OG taco tuesday at one of my favourite local spots; Fish Gaucho.   The amazing Mexican fusion, tequila tycoon of the central coast. Fish Gaucho opened up a just over [...]

Home to Heimgarten

We left Munich as a group of four. Der Wanderbär, Aspen and two very unpunctual GerMEN. The drive was around one and half hours give or take, reletively quick and wonderful as is most distances in Bavaria. We arrived in Walchensee around 9am ( I know I know, incredulously late for a planned saturday hike, [...]