Xaver’s Wirtshaus

German food? YES first thing on everyone's mind is typically images of our lovely bavarian eats like Schweinebraten or Schnitzel or a great big ole Brezn, but let me tell you, here in Munich they have a way of mixing traditon with modern.   I was recomended to go to a reletively new wirtshaus in [...]

Playing about Paris

What better way to begin your first eurotrip than with a trip to Paris? and no no, I'm no spring chicken when it comes to the euro game, but my Californian cousin S sure is. She planned to finally get out of the country with a three week trip to stay with me, and naturally [...]

Hoover & Floyd

Eaaassyyy like Sunday morniiinngggg Here we are now with another of Aspen's Munich cafe recomendations. Todays highlight being: Hoover & Floyd aka the cafe shop that looks like it was decorate by a multitude of enlgish grandmothers with an affinity for textures. Not to say it isnt completely fabulous, The decor is so alive and [...]

Hungriges Herz

Last name hungry, first name always. After my morning run today ( 14km) my heart was nothing but hungry. So I called up my good friend Cora and we set up a lunch date at an approprietly named spot. Sitting pretty along side the Fraunhoferstraße, sits the coolest cafe this side of glockenbach; Hungriges Herz [...]

Taco Tues(yay)

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY My heart is once more at ease. After being so long away, I have finally hit my hometown again and enjoyed an OG taco tuesday at one of my favourite local spots; Fish Gaucho.   The amazing Mexican fusion, tequila tycoon of the central coast. Fish Gaucho opened up a just over [...]

Ooh baby I like it raw

No, its not a secret confession just the name of  one of my favourite  cafes. Nestled up cozy in the Glockenbachviertal sits this environmentaly casual cafe. Everything you need and more. Probably one of my top choices when I am craving a good piece of cake ( which I must admit is often my weakness) [...]