Wish you were bier

Wish you were bier

As the early summer sun shines on Munich, the locals flock out to enjoy it after a long hard winter-before the typical long hard summer.Engaging in the favourite bavarian past time of sitting around with friends drinking copious amounts of beer.And what better place to do so then in one of Munich's many and a [...]

10 things Americans learn when they move to Germany

For an American, traveling away from home can be scary. Especially when it's abroad. But, truth be told, there is not much to fear, I have here for you  the top 10 things us expats must encounter when we enter Deutschland. 1. Personal lives are meant to be personal Coming from America, the land of [...]

You can Du me; the formal or informal guide

Most European language have a linguistic distinction based on interpersonal relationships. In German this is the case of Sie/Du ( formal and informal). This is the chronic question for many expats learning or having already learned German. As, unfortunately these distinctions have lost their place in modern English. Us expats learning the German language and [...]