Connecting to community during covid

Not only does being trapped at home mean that you’re staying safe and you’re helping save other people’s lives by not spreading the virus – it also means you have a new opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your friends and family, and your interests. -Nicole, The Expatcast The 2020 pandemic has been a tough situation…Continue reading »

How to get Permanent Residency in Germany

Endlich, after many years and exams I have finally received my Permanent Residency in Germany. So now I can (with confidence) break down the details for any of you who are also eager to secure your German home for the long run. 💡 What is a Permanent Residence permit? A German Permanent Residence Permit, also…Continue reading »

You can Du me; the formal or informal guide

Many European languages make linguistic distinctions based on interpersonal relationships. For example, a language can have two forms of the word “you”, and a speaker would use one or the other version depending on how well they know someone. In German this is the case with “Sie” and “Du” (“Sie” being formal and “Du” being…Continue reading »

Essential Apps to Have in Munich

Trying to navigate your life in Munich? There’s an app for that! I am honestly so glad to be one of the later generations becoming an expat. In my first year, these modern conveniences saved my life. From finding my way in German to finding my way in the metro. Most answers were easy and…Continue reading »

Moving Abroad or Running Away?

“Moving to a new country also means leaving another country behind. What if the situation you’re leaving behind is messy, full of problems and stress? Is your choice to move abroad a healthy way to improve your surroundings for a better future, or is it in some way a very elaborate method of running away…Continue reading »

Filing taxes as an American abroad

Being an American abroad comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges that you will face in your new country. And often times as we get wrapped up in those, we start to forget certain responsibilities that still exist back in our home country…or at least I did. And that responsibility happened to be filing…Continue reading »

16 Signs you’ve been Germanized

Started from the bottom now we German. It feel so short, but really its been some years now, and as I take a step back and look at myself I can see how much I have changed as a person from my time in this counry. Most of all I can see the habits I…Continue reading »

How to handle culture shock

What is it Culture shock is one major aspect of moving abroad that not alot of people go too much in detail to. It is “the anxiety and feelings (of surprise, disorientation, uncertainty, confusion, etc.) felt when people have to operate within a different and unknown culture such as one may encounter in a foreign…Continue reading »


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