Aspen is Abroad

Aspen is Abroad

Hello all, I’m Aspen.

Origionally  from California, but I was raised in Hawaii and until quite recently I have been a European resident.

Now you may be asking first off, “Aspen, why ever have you left Hawaii or California? both of those places are top destinations with wonderful cities with so many places you could also adventure in, not to mention  year round completely warm

Well my dear, this infact a great question and one I must for the rest of my life explain to confused Germans. Due to some unfortunate childhood situations I was put in a position of looking to start my life in a great wonderful elsewhere. I explored many parts of europe for around three years until my heart found its home in Germany. Now I am in a long term commited relationship with the state of Bavaria. We are both very happy and look forward to building a long happy life together.

I am an avid runner, hiker and recreational German language learner. This year I plan to run my first full marathon. Previously I have only done half marathons. Last year this was halted do to a fractured knee, but my kneehab is over and now I am heading in strong! So if you like bavarian mountains, distance running,  American razzle dazzle the inbetweens of living in southern Germany’s favourite city please do continue to keep in touch.

Welcome aboard, adventurers!

x Aspen

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