Interview with an Expat; Ryan

Hello hello all

Here is the second installement of my new series: Interview with an Expat.

This week we’ll chat with Ryan about what its like being a male aupair, how confusing German can be and the solution to a woman’s greatest fashion problem.

To see Ryan’s amazing photography, check out his Instagram and to get to see where else he’s been, head on over to his YouTube.




3 thoughts on “Interview with an Expat; Ryan

  1. Hi Aspen,
    I really like “Interview with an Expat”
    Maybe you could invite Expats from other Cities like Stuttgart, Berlin etc. They could give a different perspective on living in Germany that is different from living in Bayern… 😉
    Of course they would have to travel, but you know, Munich is always worth a visit. 🙂
    Ryan seems to adjust really well if he argues with the “train people”. 😀
    And you definitly should use “Winke Winke” more often, makes you even funnier and more likeabe than you are,

    Viele Grüße,


    1. Hey Serkan,
      Thats a great idea. I would like to try and plan to, its just finding people and time for us that is tricky.
      but no far, there will be more variety in the future (:



  2. Hi Aspen,
    I’m looking forward to it.You could even invite non-american expats and speak the kind of “Denglisch” Hayley and Mike do in their Videos. 😀
    Not that I don’t like listening to american expats, I really do.
    Its just an idea I’m throwing out there.
    Your channel is really great btw, love your Videos.But your blog needs more comments, so l’m writing here.

    Liebe Grüße,


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