Here are my Top 3 new German habits…

These are by far my favorite new habits I have picked up from being an expat in Germany and living in Germany for so long.

At first, I found them a bit odd and did not understand why they were so popular…but that all changed 👀

Released on January 31, 2021

Video transcript: 00:00 germans have finally crafted the skill 00:01 of eating bread 00:03 as the main focus of every meal 00:06 wow that is that german innovation 00:08 hashtag 00:09 life hack 00:14 hello everybody welcome back to my 00:16 channel if you don’t already know 00:18 my name is aspen i’m an american living 00:21 in fantastic munich germany 00:23 and i talk about what it’s like living 00:25 abroad ah 00:27 there’s a frog in my throat excuse me 00:29 one minute 00:32 okay i think the frog might be gone i 00:34 realize i haven’t really done any top 00:35 journalists lately so today 00:37 that’s what we’re gonna do it’s gonna be 00:38 weird german habits that i’ve adopted 00:40 and am pretty fond of after living in 00:43 germany 00:44 number one first up everybody’s favorite 00:47 household 00:49 which of course in the very complicated 00:52 german language means house 00:56 juice in germany the common practice 00:58 that if you go in houses 00:59 you leave your shoes at the door because 01:01 you leave your shoes at the door 01:03 this does not mean you should go through 01:04 homes without any shoes at all though 01:06 germans are 01:07 huge fans of household which of course 01:10 in english are slippers they’re not just 01:12 the cozy comfy ones 01:13 but most often they’re kind of just like 01:17 birkenstocks big chunky flat sandals 01:20 or the most famous of the german 01:23 horseshoe 01:24 is the adiletta and it’s you know these 01:27 adidas slides but germans just 01:30 love them i don’t quite exactly know why 01:32 so if you’re german if you’re watching 01:34 this please 01:35 comment below let us all know after 01:37 having lived here for many many years 01:40 i have also fallen under that category 01:43 i’m actually wearing mine right now 01:47 so beautiful bougie i have to say 01:50 they are pretty comfy they are pretty 01:52 cozy and i think the thing 01:54 that i like the most about them perhaps 01:56 this is why germans are so obsessed with 01:57 them 01:58 is because you can wear them sort of all 02:00 season you know it’s not weird like 02:01 wearing fluffy slippers 02:02 in the summer or your feet get dirty 02:05 stuff like this 02:06 no idea but i mean as i lived in germany 02:10 i really jumped into a committed 02:11 relationship with household cold feet 02:13 are not good i mean even if you live in 02:15 one of these houses where you 02:17 the floors are heated still 02:20 walk around in socks walking around 02:22 barefoot it’s just 02:23 not the same you need just something 02:25 there 02:26 some cozy house doing 02:30 the second habit that i found was really 02:31 weird when i first moved here that 02:33 germans did 02:34 but now i kind of love is having bread 02:38 for every single meal 02:39 it’s just so much the german lifestyle 02:41 so much the german mantra give me bro 02:44 to them tote okay well they don’t really 02:46 say that but i i feel it 02:48 i feel like that’s how it is germans 02:50 have finally crafted the skill of eating 02:52 bread 02:53 as the main focus of every meal they 02:56 have their standard port site 02:57 which is basically anytime you have some 03:01 bread or some cinnamon and you have like 03:04 a little cold cut meat and cheeses and 03:06 pickles and just stuff to put on top you 03:08 know like spreads in what have you 03:11 but the thing is they will either have 03:13 these for dinner 03:15 or for lunch or for breakfast 03:19 and that’s kind of actually the standard 03:21 german breakfast is 03:22 they get all excited about what we 03:25 as native english speakers foreigners 03:28 kind of refer to as a continental 03:29 breakfast which is essentially 03:32 the same thing except if it’s for 03:33 breakfast in addition to having these 03:35 cold cuts 03:36 meats pickles savory spreads you also 03:39 have 03:40 nutella and you have marmalade and you 03:43 have 03:43 a little bit of sweet stuff with it and 03:46 i’ve gotten into arguments about this 03:47 before 03:49 but between you and me it’s 03:52 basically all the same thing 03:56 and now i’m not saying that as a bad 03:57 thing i personally i’m like 03:59 wow that is that german innovation that 04:02 i’ve been hearing about i mean 04:03 the fact that you are having the exact 04:05 same meal three times a day 04:07 but still very much in your heart and 04:10 your soul of your culture 04:11 can say it’s completely different 04:16 that is in fact a hashtag lifehack 04:19 third weird german habit which might be 04:22 a little 04:22 bit more unique if you’re not in the 04:25 writing community 04:26 but personally i have really grown to 04:30 absolutely 04:30 love is beer after 04:34 long races so if you guys don’t know i 04:36 love distance running for distance and 04:38 the one i usually do competitive racing 04:39 events in 04:40 is half a marathon so 21 kilometers i 04:43 find this to be 04:44 the perfect amount of distance it’s just 04:47 nice it’s good you get to the end you 04:48 have to sometimes give yourself a little 04:50 push 04:51 but then you finish and you’re like oh 04:53 that is nice 04:54 i am not in a huge amount of pain 04:57 a little sore tomorrow for sure but i 05:00 can walk it off 05:02 back in the days i used to travel around 05:04 i used to do a bunch of these 05:06 one cool way that i was able to see more 05:08 parts of germany because i would sign up 05:10 for these running events 05:11 go there for a couple days long weekend 05:12 or something and then come back home 05:14 and it was cool because you go there and 05:16 usually run through the city so you get 05:17 your sightseeing done 05:19 you meet a bunch of cool people before 05:20 and after socialize 05:22 check but my favorite part which i kept 05:25 noticing and at the start it was weird 05:27 and i didn’t want to get into it 05:29 was that in german running events at the 05:31 end have like your 05:32 gatorade type beverages you have water 05:35 sparkling and still 05:37 available but in addition to these and 05:39 the snacks 05:40 they have beers and they usually have 05:43 like 05:43 vice beer there’s like um 05:46 duncan’s vice pier sometimes the alcohol 05:49 fry vice beer 05:50 these are so good after 05:54 running at first i thought it was 05:55 disgusting they’re running that distance 05:57 if i had a beer i’m gonna throw up 05:59 everywhere that sounds horrendous and 06:02 then they’re like 06:03 oh no but just the alcohol 06:07 it’s really good for helping your body 06:09 after a run i was like well 06:13 i don’t know i guess so and i tried it 06:17 and now there’s just no going back but 06:18 oddly enough 06:19 it is the most refreshing thing to have 06:22 after a long run 06:23 and of course i never drink them with 06:25 alcohol after a run i’m pretty sure that 06:27 would make me very sick they have this 06:28 grapefruit like 06:29 gradle type beer oh my god it’s so good 06:33 it just quenched the thirst i don’t know 06:36 i don’t know if you guys are winners too 06:37 but 06:38 if you have any opinions on this please 06:39 also comment them below because i’m 06:41 really curious 06:42 i don’t have a lot of running friends so 06:43 this is not really a topic that i could 06:45 share with a lot of people 06:47 and my german running friends for them 06:48 it’s kind of like 06:51 yeah of course why would we not have 06:53 beer after races 06:55 so i don’t know but i just know 06:59 for sure that i’m never gonna accept 07:02 anything else 07:03 i hope you guys are having a nice day 07:05 you’ve got your house you always um 07:07 lock no cold feet in sight 07:10 and i will talk to you next time ciao 07:18 [Music]