I tried French candy…here’s my take!

Carambar for the win 🙌

I had a lot of fun with this French candy swap, sure not all were my faaavorite but there for sure were a couple good ones (:

Do you have any favorite French candies? Say Bonjour to the fabelhaft Diane in France 🥐 ⬇


Released on December 27, 2020

Video transcript: 00:01 asmr 00:03 testing 00:07 i’m reading tropical but i’m tasting 00:10 armpit 00:15 hello everybody welcome back to my 00:17 channel if you don’t already know 00:20 my name is aspen i’m an american living 00:22 in fantastic munich germany 00:24 and i talk about what it’s like living 00:26 abroad today’s video is not 00:27 really german related it’s actually 00:30 french 00:31 i have a new really great friend also 00:35 youtuber her name is diane and her 00:36 channel is we in france he did the 00:38 sweetest thing and she sent me this big 00:40 christmas package of french 00:42 candies and treats some of them are 00:43 christmasy some of them are normal 00:45 there was this like santa 00:49 kinder thing but when i opened the box 00:53 it was broken but i saw the toy 00:57 oh it’s a christmassy toy if you guys 01:00 don’t already know 01:01 kinder is this chocolate in europe 01:03 there’s usually like the kinder eggs 01:04 inside 01:05 there’s always this little plastic 01:07 seeing the plastic thing 01:08 you open it and there’s always like 01:09 little pieces and then there’s usually 01:11 the little 01:13 instructions this one is christmasy 01:16 i don’t know what this is okay so i’m 01:20 just gonna say 01:21 it’s not that i can’t put children’s 01:23 toys together these are 01:24 tricky the elf he goes on his little 01:27 seat 01:28 [Music] 01:29 back part of the seat 01:31 [Music] 01:33 what these are however here we go manny 01:35 mo 01:37 let’s go with some pretty or some 01:40 i’m ready 01:45 it’s a bear yes very nice 01:48 chocolatey and oh i think it’s 01:51 marshmallow inside 01:58 it’s just almost but not quite and in 02:01 the states marshmallows are really light 02:03 and fluffy and airy and good 02:05 and then and french candy marshmallows 02:07 they’re like 02:08 dense and there’s no fluff 02:11 it’s just a little or in germany they 02:15 have these harry bows that are like 02:17 susan moyes or something like sweet 02:18 little mice and it’s typing with like 02:20 these 02:21 marshmallows but they’re not 02:22 marshmallows they’re just like 02:24 hard pick snacks next oh let’s join 02:26 these um 02:28 oh mojito 02:32 interesting choice 02:35 [Music] 02:38 this is the cutest but goofiest thing 02:41 i’ve ever seen 02:42 so it’s like a little box sort of mojito 02:45 bottles 02:46 oh my goodness i wonder what they taste 02:48 like though 02:51 oh it’s like dark chocolate 02:56 with just this mojito flavor 03:01 but just really stinging alcohol flavor 03:04 [Music] 03:06 thank you diane but this one i oh it’s a 03:09 weird one 03:10 so this one i’m actually excited about 03:12 the caramel 03:13 this one i lived in france this was one 03:16 of my favorite candies yes 03:18 extra bonus points diane you the best 03:22 earlier my camera actually died and i 03:23 took a quick look at the footage 03:25 apologies because my new mic 03:28 is a little bit more sensitive than i’m 03:30 used to i uh 03:31 know how much you can hear my mouth in 03:34 the packages 03:35 but we’re just gonna have to accept this 03:37 is gonna be a bit of a little 03:40 asmr testing 03:45 all right so they look like this 03:48 basically like these little caramel 03:50 things i like these ones because they’re 03:52 like 03:53 not hard hard caramel not like soft 03:56 caramel 03:56 but like middle caramel the texture of 03:59 them 04:02 because they’re really hard like that 04:03 but just still like a little soft 04:05 oh but i’m pretty certain you guys can 04:07 hear like all that’s going on in the 04:08 mouth 04:10 this is caramel but it’s just a little 04:12 bit more 04:14 to it now these ones 04:17 i’m super excited one of these later 04:20 palette cleanse now for something new 04:24 oh man i mean this 04:28 i don’t think you guys can see that so 04:30 we’re just gonna like 04:32 pretend like so we got those done we 04:36 have that 04:36 um let’s try with the bo 04:41 mini fruity strawberry love mmm 04:45 extra soft i believe that’s what that 04:48 word is 04:50 i’m okay with this it comes with like 04:51 how we go and everything 04:53 i don’t like when they’re too hard my 04:56 favorite ones are always like the really 04:57 soft ones 04:59 [Music] 05:02 these smell really good 05:05 that’s why they’re called strawberry 05:07 love oh i can smell the love 05:09 inside 05:13 okay this isn’t my favorite not 05:15 aggressively strawberry flavored 05:19 i’m a happy camper 05:23 nice let’s try these ones captain tiller 05:28 chocolate milk chocolate 05:32 i can’t commit to trying to read 05:33 everything in french it’s i 05:35 didn’t understand it but i just sound 05:36 terrible speaking it how i feel speaking 05:38 is just like basically um 05:43 [Music] 05:48 yeah all these ones are cool promising 06:02 oh that is a crunchy boy 06:07 ones are amazing because they’re so 06:09 light and so crispy 06:11 it’s like if you have the tiniest 06:12 tiniest little bit of little 06:14 crispy thingy like a little tiny little 06:17 little like blanket just a little tucked 06:19 you in a little kiss on the head 06:21 soft on top of caramel rolled it up put 06:25 some chocolate in it 06:26 very delicately then yeah guys like 06:29 french candies i think 06:30 typically when it comes to candy i never 06:33 think 06:34 france is where i want to get my 06:35 favorite candies but 06:38 i don’t know if you guys have any that 06:39 you really enjoy comment below let me 06:41 know 06:42 ooh i think this one’s just sour and i’m 06:45 interested 06:46 pickford 06:50 [Music] 06:56 as i said i can’t pronounce to save my 06:58 life but 07:00 something like i think a fishing line is 07:02 that what that means 07:04 fishing line fishing something about 07:06 fishing 07:07 flavors okay we have 07:10 peach iced tea it’s kind of random 07:19 no raspberry 07:22 [Music] 07:23 pom cassis i don’t quite know what that 07:26 is but 07:27 pom cassie’s framboise something 07:31 something 07:32 raspberry let’s see what these burnt 07:34 heads are all about 07:44 it’s on like donkey kong whoa 07:51 okay 07:52 [Music] 07:55 this is peach iced tea 07:58 i’m here for it i like i like a sour 08:01 gummy rope but the peach ice tea is just 08:04 a strange flavor 08:06 to put in the mix you know like you 08:07 think maybe just like peach but 08:10 i see it does taste like that what’s 08:12 this yellow one 08:13 [Music] 08:16 oh i’m reading tropical but i’m tasting 08:19 armpit 08:20 i’m not a glitter so we’re gonna try all 08:21 these flavors 08:26 [Music] 08:28 okay and then now we have left is the 08:31 this is the whatever i don’t know what 08:34 it is so something something 08:38 raspberry 08:41 i don’t know what flavor this is 08:44 [Music] 08:45 no there’s no match last but not least 08:48 we have the big box of alcohol chalk 08:50 what do we got what do we got oh it’s 08:52 just like a little free-for-all in here 08:55 out here too i like this one that’s 08:57 shaped like a cork so we’re gonna give 08:58 that a go first 09:00 [Music] 09:04 there’s a lot of liquid very strong 09:06 liquid oh my goodness 09:08 those are wet and this one looks a 09:11 little bit like a 09:12 tomato 09:17 so we got the corks down excellent we 09:19 got the cherry bombs 09:20 now we have these other ones which is a 09:22 little ball with a little leaf 09:24 also i don’t get people that do like 09:25 these taste testing videos all the time 09:27 it’s so stressful 09:36 i’m just gonna say like there was some 09:38 good stuff on that care package 09:40 thank you so much diane but 09:44 these are these are rough i can’t 09:47 imagine somebody just being like 09:49 guess who’s getting a treat today it’s 09:50 me i’m gonna just have one of these 09:53 last one we have is the cognac not to be 09:55 confused with the cork we already have 09:56 the cork but now we have the little 09:58 barrel i love it this is adorable i’m 10:00 here for it let’s see 10:04 okay 10:05 [Music] 10:10 no thank you again so much diane 10:13 i’m gonna hang on tight to my 10:16 strawberries 10:18 um um caramels 10:21 since it didn’t fall on the floor these 10:23 are amazing other stuff was good too 10:26 these are stressful if you haven’t 10:28 checked out dan’s channel we in france 10:30 she’s an american expat that talks about 10:33 what it’s like living in france 10:34 links are below go say hi he’s amazing 10:38 and this is probably one of the most 10:39 funnest christmas presents i’ve gotten 10:41 so far i hope you guys are having a good 10:43 day 10:43 and i will talk to you later ciao 10:46 [Music]